Oceanside High School Girls Varsity Tennis


The Oceanside High School Girls Varsity Tennis team has sailed through their season,
with an impressive fourteen wins and zero losses. Being a part of the team, I took the time to
interview some of my teammates on their thoughts about the remarkable season and find out the
elements that make up an undefeated dream team.

Anna Malin, third singles and one of the top players, mentions how her teammates “are
always cheering and supporting each other during matches which helps us as a team.” Anna added, “I love being on the team and I get better at playing tennis and playing competitively.” Sophomore  Rita Bogdanova-Shapkina told me, “All of us are there for each other whether it’s off the court with personal issues or on the court.” This illustrates the special bond the players have with each other. Rita also touched upon the fact that the team welcomed many new players this year, bolstering the team’s impressive array of talent.

Carrying a total of twenty players, Oceanside has a large team compared to other tennis
teams who consist of as little as eleven members. Sari Goldstein, half of the second doubles,
says, “I’ve only been on this team for two years, but it’s definitely one of my favorite things
about high school.” Senior, first singles, and captain, Kaitlyn Schwarz, has been on the varsity for her entire high school career. Kaitlyn told me, “This year has been much different.” She explains that “this team by far has the drive to win” and “the team feels like one big family, which is incomparable to previous years.”

It is quite evident that this group of student athletes is just as much a family as they are
a team, which may just be their secret weapon. With their outstanding undefeated record, the
Oceanside Girls Varsity Tennis team will be heading to the playoffs where they will face tougher
competition than before. However, with the strong team bond and determination these players
have, I believe they will do just fine. Putting it in Kaitlyn Schwarz’s words, this was “certainly
an unforgettable high school experience.”