Oh Deer!


The residents of Harlem were lucky to see a furry surprise this past weekend. A trio of white tailed deer! This family of deer, like many, took a trip to the big apple for the holiday season. Unlike most tourists, these deer did not travel by car, plane, or train. These fluffy guys are suspected to have swam all the way over the Harlem or East Rivers. It’s a good thing these deer can swim up to 13 miles per hour.

The three buddies were found roaming around Jackie Robinson Park. How did they get in? It’s possible they jumped! White tailed deers can actually jump fences up to 9 feet tall. In a concrete jungle there’s not much wild-life around. Most tourists prefer room service and heated hotel rooms during the cold winters of New York. Yet these deer enjoyed their stay in this small grassy park.


Although the deer were able to find familiarity within the fences of this Northern Manhattan park, it is definitely not big enough for them. Officials determined the deer to not be a threat but are still watching them just in case.  As for the residents, they welcomed these animals with open hearts. “It’s like Santa left one of his reindeer” a local said in awe of the new visitors.

As of right now, no action has been taken in removing the deer. Since the deer are essentially harmless they seem to be bringing nothing but joy and optimism to the community. These furry little creatures really know how to make a holiday season one for the books!