OHS Badminton

This year, the Oceanside Girls Varsity Badminton team is having one of their best seasons yet. Not many stay updated on the progress of the team, but they are actually one of the many teams in Oceanside High School that maintain a winning record almost every year. After a loss of most of the top-eleven starting lineup, many of last year’s exhibition players had to step up to keep the tradition going.

“This season has been a great one so far, and everyone on this team has come together as a family, and we’re so nice to each other. I just love it. It’s such a good group of people,” says second doubles player Sara Thorne. Thorne, an exhibition player her sophomore year, now a junior in the top eleven, has stepped up to help her teammates continue a winning record.

First singles player and senior Julieta Eulau also commented on this season, saying “Everyone’s been playing their best and getting along, which is great for the team.” Although badminton is divided up into double partnerships and singles matches, meaning the sport itself is highly individual, everyone motivates each other to win their own games.

“All the girls are so accepting, and it really made me feel welcomed when I first started out,” said first-year badminton player and junior Katie Fay. In badminton, it is common for girls to join their sophomore or junior year, as many aren’t exposed to the sport or realize what a great opportunity it is to get involved in athletics when you may not have played on an OHS team in the past.

Currently, Oceanside Girls Varsity Badminton holds four wins and two losses. At the halfway mark in their regular season with only six matches left, they still maintain hopes for winning or placing second in their conference. With a majority of the team returning next year for the 2018 season, things are on the up-and-up for this group of girls. Hopefully they continue to produce results and gain more traction as their run continues.