OHS Hidden Heroes: Ms. Jennifer Sammartano


We all know the importance of some faculty members. For instance, without a principal, associate principals, and deans, the school would not function as efficiently. However, there are some adults in the school, whose jobs are as, if not more, important than the aforementioned ones. This column will highlight the “hidden heroes of OHS” giving them a much deserved spotlight. This edition’s hidden hero is none other than Ms. Jennifer Sammartano.

Ms. Sammartano can be found in the main office doing administrative work throughout the day. When students walk in, she always smiles and addresses them kindly and genuinely. Eager to help people, Ms. Sammartano will go out of her way to ensure that  students’ needs are taken care of in a timely manner. Ms. Sammartano explains that she wants “everybody to make the most out of their high school experience.” She does not want students to ever look back on their high school experience and think “I should have, or I could have, or I wish I had.”  I personally can attest to Ms. Sammartano’s kind character, which makes her special to OHS.

What makes Ms. Sammartano a hero, however, is her going above and beyond just helping students in the office. Ms. Sammartano is responsible for helping parents inquiring about their students and the various events OHS hosts throughout the year. On top of being a guiding light through the seemingly large and confusing high school, Ms. Sammartano also provides daily coverage for classes and helps to organize the schedule during testing weeks, meaning that every student is affected by Ms. Sammartano’s work. Despite this tremendous responsibility,  Ms. Sammartano explains that she “likes it here in the main office,” because it allows her to “interact with the community more.” She is truly a superstar.

Ms. Sammartano can also be seen at most thespian events supporting the club wholeheartedly. She “tries to encourage kids to join clubs and get involved” anyway they can. Ms. Sammartano’s genuine care for students and parents alike qualifies her as a hidden hero.


Thank you Ms. Sammartano for agreeing to be interviewed for the article.