OHS Hidden Heroes: Sandie Schoell


This is the second edition of the Hidden Heroes column for the Sider Press. For those of you who are new to the column, welcome. We all know the importance of our faculty members. For instance, without a principal, associate principals, and deans, the school would not function efficiently. However, there are some adults in the school district whose jobs are just as important as the aforementioned ones. This edition’s Hidden Hero is none other than Ms. Sandie Schoell.

Looking to “give back to the community” because of her intrinsic passion and belief in community service, Ms. Schoell volunteers forty hours each week as the Vice President of the Board of Education. Ms. Schoell seems to always be working for Oceanside students and their families. Whether it’s setting district policy, creating a budget to fund community activities, attending school events, or fundraising in OHS during “Candy Mondays,” Ms. Schoell can always be found doing something great for our community. When students and community members speak with her, she always goes out of her way to provide comprehensive and clear cut answers. I can attest to this myself.

As a board of Education member, Ms. Schoell has a lot of responsibilities including being held accountable for Oceanside’s annual school budget. However, despite this seemingly daunting task, Ms. Schoell explains that she “loves what she does.” When asked to explain what specifically appeals to her, she expressed that being a Board of Education member allows her to achieve her dream: “ensuring that the children of the district get the education they deserve.”

What classifies Ms. Schoell as a Hidden Hero is her ability to transfer thought into action. Ms. Schoell is unique. She is one of a select few people in the world who go out of their way to act on their philosophy, taking a leadership role in her community. Her community leadership allows her to translate her inspiring dream into a reality.

On top of her heroic qualities, Ms. Schoell also gives great advice, which is to be expected from such an amazing, driven, and well-accomplished woman. Ms. Schoell stated, “Never be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid of the opportunities you miss if you don’t try.” However, the true secret to her success may in fact come from her motto “FAIL in my mind stands for First Attempt In Learning,” and her belief that “failure doesn’t define you. What defines you is how you pick yourself up and deal with the failure. It is a test of the character.”

Ms. Schoell encourages students to try new things and to “take advantage of all of the tremendous opportunities the high school has to offer.” Her passion and drive have been invaluable to the smooth operation of our high school, which is why Ms. Schoell has earned a place in the Hidden Heroes column.