OHS Mother/Daughter Dinner


As seniors, our remaining days at Oceanside High School are quickly fading away. Many students may feel eager to graduate, but our graduation signals an immense change in our lives (and a bittersweet one to say the least). As we become more and more independent, it’s very important to appreciate the ones who have guided us through every aspect of our lives and molded us to be the people we are today. The mother/daughter dinner gave us an opportunity to reflect on everything that our mothers have done for us. Now that we’re past the days when our moms would pack our lunches, braid our hair, and drive us to birthday parties, we’re truly able to  appreciate all of the endless blood, sweat, and tears put into making our childhood as wonderful as possible.

The night started off with a tear-jerking speech by Tatum Leah McGann, touching upon the influence of our mothers in our lives. She eloquently stated; “Your mother has been there through every endeavor of your life, always there to guide you in the right direction (even when you don’t want her to be). To your mother, you’re not just a person but her whole world. Your success is her success. …..and to all the mothers here tonight: thank you for unconditionally loving your daughter and getting her to where she is today.” Following Tatum’s speech was an incredible performance by Ashley Shapiro singing “ When I Look at You” by Miley Cyrus. The song encompassed how our mothers are always there for us even in the hardest times of our lives. The next performance was by one  of the dinner’s waiters, Matthew Leicht, and his mother, singing a duet to “Always By Your Side” by Sheryl Crow and Sting. Lastly, the performance portion of the night ended with Gabrielle Mea and Shannon Defranza’s breathtaking version of “In My Life” by the Beatles. The night then came to a close with a buffet and dancing.

The mother/daughter dinner is a tradition that’s been around for many years now, and this year’s dinner, as always, was a success. Thanks to Mrs. Vignola, Ms. O’hara, and Mr. Turk for all of their hard work making this night as memorable as possible.