OHS Reads


This year, the English Department made some adjustments to the custom ‘summer reading’ assignment, altering the previously required reading into a competition among grade levels for most pages read. Each grade collectively agreed to donate money towards their charity of choice. Additionally, the student with the highest individual page count, would be given a Kindle Paperwhite. As a result of this newly introduced idea, summer ‘16 certainly kept Oceanside students occupied between pages of a book.

Summer reading had always seemed like a burden to the majority of students here at OHS. In the event that students could be awarded for their reading, the motivation to complete the assignment became all the less a burden and all the more a fun activity.

After a long, hot summer, perfectly suitable for reading indoors with the AC blasting, freshmen came out on top, winning the competition. As for the individual winner, Senior Annalica Curra, landed the most pages read along with a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. Among her 2000 pages read, Annalica shared that her most enjoyable read was “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. While she discussed how her range of books varies from sci-fi to fantasy to young adult novels, she is content with classic books, as Jane Austen was her author of choice for the summer.

When asked to give advice to students that didn’t even pick up a book this summer, Annalica responded that everyone is fascinated by something and “whether it’s sports, math, dystopian societies, or scary movies, everyone can find a book they’re interested in.”