On the Hunt for a Killer

The body of a 32 year old woman was discovered in the overgrown grass of a nearby city-owned lot in Tampa Florida on October 13th. This was the third body found in a span of 11 days, prompting city official to launch an investigation into the possibility of a serial killer in the area. The latest victim was Monica Hoffa, a sign language teacher. Hoffa is one of three victims in a series of killings, authorities are beginning to believe are linked.  

The first victim, Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was shot dead waiting at a bus stop on October 9. Anthony Naiboa, an autistic 20 year old, was killed last Thursday after taking the wrong bus home from work. His body was found 300 yards from Mitchell’s. All of the killings were committed within a mile radius of each other over a period of two weeks. The community is in a state of fear and panic. The uncertainty of the situation is causing residents to question who may be the next victim.

Police have no real suspects or motives and are warning residents not to walk alone at night. Presently there is very little for the authorities to work from. The lack of witnesses and information has hurt the investigation. As of today the best lead is a poor quality video of the killer walking down the street with a hoodie on and a covered face.

In an effort to improve safety and the morale of the citizens the police are handing out light bulbs so people can keep their porch lights on and replacing street lamps. The goal is to get rid of any dark places where an attack could happen. Patrol officers are searching the streets as we speak, determined to find the criminal, end the killings, and ease the town’s fear.

Watch video of the suspect here!