On The Rise

Tis the season, but not just any season; Winter Track season. Last week began the first official practices for the new season. With the team just coming off their win as Conference Champions in the Spring, they are excited to work to earn that title again. Many girls have been training hard at pre-season practices with the coaching of the captains. This year’s captains are Gabriella Tringali, Lauren Rullo, Kailee Vaseghi, Christina Moran, and Josena Joseph. These girls have been on this team since freshman year, and are all in when it comes to track. Many girls are excited to start this winter season. Freshmen and new athletes joining the team may have heard about the conditions the team runs in, but nothing prepares an athlete for actually doing it. For example, girls bring shovels and dig up the track from the layers of snow. This might sound harsh but it only makes the team stronger.

The team travels as far as Ocean Breeze, in Staten Island, and the Armory in New York City for invitational meets. The meets that are held there are very competitive, and include teams from many different states. Many of these meets are fun and provide a chance to compete against top athletes. Our home meets are held at St. Anthony’s High School. These meets are chaotic, yet gives you a chance to compete against girls at the same level as you. Meets normally end at ten-thirty and the team gets home around eleven. Many girls do their school work on the bus and at the meet during their down time, because that is the type of girl that competes on this team. The dedication that girls have on this team, reflect their performances on and off the track.

This season Coach Howley and Coach Carlock expect greatness from these girls. The Coaches this year have a special connection with these seniors. This is the first year all the girls on this team have had these coaches throughout their high school career. This season will be an exciting, and hard working experience. Many girls have individual goals, including All-County honors for individuals, but the team’s overall goal is to at least win the Conference Championship this winter season.