Paris Terror Attacks


On November 13, tragedy struck the nation of France. A series of multiple terror attacks swept the capital city of Paris. At the end of the siege, 129 were dead and 350+ were wounded. 81 of those injured sustained critical injuries. The culprit was the Islamic terror group, ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

The attacks began at 9:20 PM on 11/13/15 when a suicide bomber detonated his vest outside Stade Le France, killing one. At 9:25 PM, gunmen opened fire at the restaurants Rue Bichat and Rue Albert, killing fifteen. At 9:30, another suicide bomber detonated his vest outside Stade Le France, killing none. At 9:32, gunmen opened fire at the restaurant, Rue da la Fontaine-au-Roi, killing five. At 9:36, gunmen opened fire at Rue da Charrone, killing nineteen. At 9:40, a suicide bomber detonated his vest at a restaurant, killing nine. At 9:40, the Bataclan Theatre were the American band Eagle Death Claw was performing. The gunmen took at least one hundred hostages and by the time police entered the theatre, eighty-nine were dead. At 9:53, a suicide bomber detonated his vest outside Stade Le France, killing none and ending the attack. The President of France, Fraçious Hollande was quick to call this an act of war.

By November 15th, a total of 189 anti-terrorism raids were conducted in Belgium. France has been conducting airstrikes against ISIS since November 14th. The man who is suspected to have orchestrated the attacks is Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He has since been killed in a raid. Muslim leaders in France have condemned both ISIS and the recent attacks. Now Russia has joined the fight against ISIS, assisting France in conducting airstrikes.


Now many are concerned that an attack on the U.S. is imminent. It is true that ISIS has threatened to attack Washington D.C. with “Paris style attacks”; however security is ramped up New York City and D.C. and there is no specific, credible threat against the country.After the terrible events in Paris, the Department of State issued a worldwide travel alert. Paris has attempted a return to normalcy, and the French President has recently met with both the President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.