Past Sider Press Moments: December 1994


Recently, a small cache of old issues of the Sider Press was discovered in the library. They date from the 1970s to the 1990s and provide an inside look at what was happening at OHS way back when. Today, we’ll be taking a peek inside an issue from December 1994.


Sider Press cover from 1994.


Article about last month’s Turkey Shoot. Note the picture of the inside of the lobby.


Opinion piece on the then-ongoing O.J. Simpson trial and the extensive media coverage. I personally like the closing statement here which reads “In fact it doesn’t even deserve this article.”


An article about the Sailors losing a game 41-0.


Finally, we have a review of Pulp Fiction. It’s neat that they use the actual font from the movie poster for the title.

Thanks for revisiting a previous issue of the Sider Press. Check back for some insights into the history of the Sider Press.

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  1. Mrs. Sammartano | December 6, 2016 at 12:39 PM |

    That was so cool to look at those old stories. I look forward to seeing more!!!

  2. Max, you have a gift for discovering buried treasure! These news pieces are fascinating. Keep up the good work.

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