Patriot’s Club Writes Holiday Cards to Soldiers and Veterans


This holiday season, Oceanside Patriot’s Club wanted to do something special for our men and women who are unable to celebrate with their families. We wrote holiday cards to people who have fought for our county or are currently serving. To make the cards even more personal, we obtained the names of people in units and addressed the cards to each solider, individually. Members of Patriot’s Club and other students at Oceanside High School also brought in items such as hard candies, cough drops, and protein bars to send to the soldiers.

On December 7th, members of Patriot’s Club gathered to write the cards and organize our donations. At this particular meeting, students who had contacted soldiers, whether it was their family member or friend, volunteered to speak about their experiences. This was a very moving event for everyone who attended. Listening to students in our school speak about their loved ones in the army really made an impact on us and helped us to write meaningful cards to soldiers.


My friend and I wrote one card in particular to our friend’s brother who is currently stationed in Kansas. Even though we don’t have as close of a connection as others do, we actually shed tears while writing this card. Victoria Memos, the secretary of Patriot’s Club, noted, “We organize a lot of fun and rewarding events but writing letters to soldiers was my favorite so far”.

We wrote these cards to make sure the men and women who fight for our country know how much we support them and appreciate their bravery. We always wanted to wish them the most enjoyable holiday possible by sending these letters and items. It is safe to say that everyone who attended this special meeting contributed to making a soldier feel valued.