Poll: What is the Best Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure?


Upon taking a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey this past spring break, I was unable to determine which ride is my favorite. There is the accomplished feeling of riding the world’s tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka. The Zumanjaro Drop of Doom that is not for those afraid of heights. The wooden roller coaster, El Toro, that travels at incredible speeds. Rides like Batman and Bizarro that consists of flipping to the side and upside down, causing you to let out a big “Woooooo!”. Since I couldn’t decide, I decided to ask Oceanside High School seniors who have visited the amusement park what their favorite ride is.

The results were mixed; many different rides were mentioned as favorites, making Six Flags a must visit.

One roller coaster that was mentioned often was El Toro. The wooden structure of the coaster allows it to reach speeds of 70 mph and a maximum height of 181 feet. “El Toro sure was a joyride!” senior Keith Gronsbell said excitedly. “The line for the ride could be up to a half hour, but it is 100% worth the wait”. Senior twins Madeline and Olivia Castagna concurred with Gronsbell, stating that El Toro was by far their favorite. “El Toro is a good name for (this rollercoaster) because it actually feels like you are riding a bull” Olivia said. Madeline agreed, saying that “Although you know you’re safe, you’re bouncing up and down like it’s a rodeo”.

Another ride that certainly makes its case is Nitro. This coaster goes as high as 230 feet and travels up to speeds of 80 mph. These heights and speeds in addition to sideways tracks makes Nitro a must ride. One Sailor who condones riding Nitro is Steven Rizzo. When asked what his favorite ride is, he immediately answered with “Nitro. Nitro. Without a doubt, Nitro. That ride was crazy!”. I would actually have to say that Nitro is my favorite ride due to the drops and the sideways tracks. It’s definitely a doable ride for every visitor if they can handle turning sideways and traveling very fast. If you want a true thrill ride and you don’t like going upside down, Nitro is perfect for you.


When one thinks of Six Flags Great Adventure, one must also think of Kingda Ka. Not only is the most popular ride at the theme park, it is also one of the most popular in the whole world. It is the tallest roller coaster in the world, sending riders up to a peak of 456 feet, before dropping them down a corkscrew at a maximum speed of 128 mph, making it the second fastest coaster in the world. Despite the ride only lasting 50 seconds, it is certainly worth it. “It’s a really quick ride, but the experience was unforgettable. I haven’t had a rush like that…ever!” Dominick Funaro said excitedly.

These three aforementioned roller coasters are the three best to ride at Six Flags according to popular opinion, but that doesn’t mean these are the only ones to tackle. Sample them all and weigh in on the discussion.