The hype of prom has skyrocketed ever since it was first established as an American custom. High school students start preparing as early as six months prior to the big night. Dresses have become more elaborate and plans have been made for before and after the event itself. Seems like a whole lot for just one night, right? But is it? It’s PROM. You only have one or two in your entire high school career, and for that matter, your life! But whether or not you believe prom has become too over the top, you have to admit it definitely has become quite an extravagant affair.

Not only has prom itself become such a big deal, but so has the ask! Asking someone to prom has been coined with the term “promposal.” Promposals range from a person giving his or her date a stuffed dog and holding a poster that reads a cheesy pun like “Prom would be ruff without you. Will you go to prom with me?” to someone performing a song to you in front of your class and then asking you to go to prom with him or her. No matter if a promposal falls on the more simplistic or grandiose side, it is still a grand gesture to ask someone to prom.

But as previously stated, we are in the midst of prom season. So if you are a senior and happen to be in any seemingly-normal situation, expect the unexpected. Earlier this year, a senior was asked while in band class and another was asked while participating in the Dawn Delirium Fashion Show, so keep your eyes open! In addition, clearly, the bar has been set high for promposals this year. But no gesture is too small to ask someone to prom. Whether you pull out all the stops, or simply just ask someone, it does not matter as long as he or she says yes. Also, no matter if you go to prom with or without a date, just enjoy yourself. Prom is the time when you get to finally celebrate and relax after completing high school, so enjoy this opportunity and have fun!