Recount Completed


The recount efforts proposed by the former Green Party candidate, Jill Stein on December 1st came to an end on December 12th two days before the state deadline. Jill Stein requested and paid 3.5 million to a get thorough recount in Wisconsin in light of the November 8th election which resulted in Donald Trump becoming the president-elect. Stein requested recounts in the three states Clinton lost in the election including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Stein was only able to get the recount to happen in Wisconsin,due to federal judges in Pennsylvania and Michigan denying her the request.

The Wisconsin Commission declared President-elect Donald Trump the winner in Wisconsin. In the last tally Trump had won with 1,405,284 votes which is 22,748 more votes than Clinton. Stein’s goal of the recount was to prove that the election was fair and that there wasn’t any tampering or hacking that would have affected Hillary’s chance of winning Wisconsin. Stein had argued without proof that there had been hacking of the scantrons in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Although the recount showed signs of inaccuracy, the only errors that did come up were human errors such as voters getting the wrong pen which caused over 300 ballots to not be read by the machines.

Governor Scott Walker showed a sense of gratitude towards the work done by the seventy-two county clerks and hundreds part time, full time, and temporary workers that led a helping hand in the recount. The Wisconsin governor says the recount in his state makes “very clear the vote was legitimate”.