Restaurant Review: Black Tap


Talk about exotic! From a full sports bar to creative burgers all the way to overflowing milkshakes, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer located in New York City with two locations is the talk of the year. Black Tap’s two locations are in SoHo and the Meatpacking District. The restaurant is known for it’s lengthy line which has been known to run as a long as 3.5 hours!

Black Tap is popular for their “Dessert Craze”. They are known for serving “breathtaking” milkshakes. These mouth watering milkshakes include “Sweet N’ Salty”, “Cotton Candy”, “The Cookie Shake”, “Sour Pour” and “Black N’ White”. The names of the milkshakes sound just as cool as they look. The restaurant title also included “Burgers & Beer” which they are also known for as well. Their burgers are said to be amazing. Student Melanie Krieger says “I waited on the line for just about 3 hours and when I finally got in, I ordered “The Black Tap Burger” and I was amazed by the taste. It was completely worth the wait.” I had ordered their well known turkey burger and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The shakes are a new addition to their outstanding menu and it blew up Instagram faster than ever. The shakes are completely oversized and the calorie count will drop stomachs but honestly who cares, they were THAT good!

The atmosphere felt seriously amazing. It was the epitome of what you would call a city “night life” outing. The decor of the restaurant had an edgy vibe. It was more of a comfortable setting in a dark smaller area but they did have many TV’s supporting the idea of their famous sports bar. Olivia Weiss (accompanying me) said “The atmosphere exemplified the city life with everyone around us, it was a very busy place but it felt right.” On the negative sides, personally I did not like the seating arrangement. It was a bit tight and small in areas but I can assume they are trying to fit in as many people as they can due to the popularity of the restaurant. It is to be said that there will be a new dessert place located near the locations that serve just as good deserts as they do. My blood sugar was probably hit a record high when it comes down to it Black Tap deserves a “Wow”!