Run Run Run


The turnout of the initial meeting makes it seem as though this year’s boys’ track and field team will be larger than recent years. A few years ago a coach said “Oceanside is a sleeping giant, starting to wake up.” Last year the team finished with and positive record and shocked many teams along the way.

When asked about the meeting turnout in regards to success of the team Coach Carbonetti responded, “It’s hard to say, there are a lot of new athletes, and I’ll have a clearer picture after the first week. Based off past experience larger numbers will likely lead to a better team.” He said he had high hopes for the season. The three home meets are a highlight for the team this season and when asked what it means for the team and the community this year, Coach Carbonetti responded, “Home meets will be beneficial to Oceanside [as a whole]. The Blue and White invitational was popular and bringing it back will be good for the community and other teams in Nassau County so they can see what is going on at Oceanside”

An important goal for Coach Carbonetti this season is to keep the team’s competition healthy while ensuring athletes will push themselves to their highest potential. “I think we’ve done that when we’ve split the team into practice groups [distance, mid-distance, and sprinters]. It gives the athletes a healthy type of competition with each other and it sets them up to form easy bonds.” It seems that Coach Carbonetti was upset about losing athletes last year and the athletes he’ll lose at the end of this spring, but with a trend of larger turnouts at the initial meeting each year it seems Oceanside’s track team will gradually gain a higher standing.


Justin Roth is the distance captain and has an idea of how to help the younger runners, “I’m gonna let them know what Netti told me in the beginning; that it’s supposed to hurt, that preparing mentally is just as important as physically. Also even though I struggle with this one, we can work on it together, you can’t be scared.” Something that has been spreading through the team recently is “Steeple Fever” and Roth explained that “Steeple Fever is the excitement you feel knowing that, you can combine two things you enjoy into one event. Athleticism and running.” I then asked his brother and mid-distance runner Ed Roth about how he’d guide the athletes to success. He replied, “I just want to set a good example for the group; I feel that if they see their leader trying their hardest and doing the right thing that they will follow suit and teach the same thing to other kids that join the team.” Ed’s goals have clearly been reached as the team continues to improve in middle distance events where the athletes push themselves to the limit.

After missing last spring, one of the most important pieces of the team captain Chris “Brooklyn” Dasaro, had one thing to say, “In general, grasping a hold of the team through friendship or respect is the way to carry a team; the success that follows is natural.” 

In the end, Oceanside’s meets will create a new medium for the community to connect with the high school’s Track and Field team.With all of the new athletes and the high expectations from Coach Carbonetti this season, it’s looking like a season for Oceanside to leave a mark on Nassau County.