Senior Spotlight: Jane Krol

Jane Krol embodies the model student and friend that everyone wants to have. She is compassionate, hard-working, unique, intelligent, polite, and passionate. She is widely loved by everyone I know, for every reason. Jane is the president of the Feminist Culture Club, and inspires girls to work to their full potential regardless of societal constraints. In this club, she was able to facilitate discussion, while making sure everyone felt comfortable. Through this club, she raised funds for the Kiva Organization. This organization supports women starting businesses, going to school, leading their communities and building strong families. Jane and her club specifically raised money for a woman striving to purchase a water filtration system to provide clean drinking water for her students. Jane is never afraid to stand up for injustice, regardless of the situation at hand. Alexis Chiofalo, Vice President of the FCC says “Jane is one of the most hard-working people I know. She dedicated her time to ensure that the feminist culture club was successful, and always had a plan ready for a club meeting. She always made sure that everyone in the club felt safe and secure.” Jane was also the captain of our Varsity Volleyball team, being extremely athletic, yet modest as could be. This year Jane won the MVP award at the varsity awards dinner, and all-conference in our division. She never took advantage of the fact that she was the only captain, never put anyone on the team down, was never overly controlling, and only brought positivity to the court. Jane is an officer of the Sider Press, and although she does not bear the title of “editor-in-chief”, everyone knows she takes on the equivalent role. She was honorably mentioned in the category of “Best News Article” at LIU post, for her eye-opening story “Dark Chocolate, Dark History.” In response to her award, Jane said “It’s really important to get news out that isn’t typically covered and I am glad this issue was recognized with my article.” Jane is also an officer of Habitat for Humanity, and devotes an abundance of her time to helping her community with this. She participated in the “#lunchbag” project, which packs lunch bags and donates them to local soup kitchens on Long Island. Aside from all things done in school, what really stands out about Jane is her selflessness. I have yet to meet a person who is more willing to drop everything to help another person, like Jane does. Jane’s willingness to always be there, to lend a helping hand is extremely admirable and something I have always envied. Jane’s days may be coming to a close at Oceanside High School, but this is only the beginning for her. She will be attending Ursinus College in Pennsylvania in the fall, with an undecided major. However, whatever path Jane decides to endure, I am sure of the fact that she will be wildly successful.