Senior Spotlight: Jen Lin


As both an ambitious student and heart-warming friend, Jen has a wide variety of assets to offer OHS. Serving as president for National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society, Jen certainly has the qualities and skills of a leader and there is no doubt that her hard work has paid off. Serving as my friend from middle school into high school, I have witnessed Jen’s compassionate, motivated, and intelligent character grow through these years and all of this has contributes to her well-rounded personality.

Due to her devout involvement in OHS, Jen has an extremely busy schedule and a number of responsibilities to attend to. In fact, Jen can almost always be found in any of the resource centers working hard to maintain her high honor roll GPA and putting forth her best efforts into her leadership roles here at OHS. Jen has continued this dedication and commitment in her position as secretary for the Robotics club. Fellow member and friend Andrew Karaman claims that Jen’s  “a helpful leader for a club that requires so much” and goes even further saying, “Jen is always there for me and even though we met not too long ago, she’s one of my closest friends.” It is no surprise that Jen’s motivation and devotion are recognized by her surrounding peers. In her final year as part of the Robotics club, Jen explains she is excited to learn and work with her friends for future competitions.

As president of Tri-M Music Honor Society, Jen has a lot to say about how this role has affected her and why she loves it so much. Her involvement “is a way to inspire musicians and give back to the community.” She holds this to the utmost importance because she is a strong believer in helping and encouraging others to be the best that they can be. Jen’s further involvement in the tutoring program for National Honor Society, allows her to always assist others when they need it. She also volunteers at South Nassau Communities Hospital. Her character is built on a platform of kindness and empathy for others that ultimately serves as a primary example of a what a role model should be.

Jen is no stranger to theater also. She is an active member of our very own Thespian Troupe in which she can be found playing in the pit orchestra, helping with set building and painting, or working backstage. Whether it be center stage or behind the scenes, Jen is always an enthusiastic contributor and eager to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed.

But Jen’s endless commitments don’t end there; beyond her participation in school activities and clubs, Jen has time (believe it or not) for hobbies outside of OHS. While she doesn’t boast about it, she is extremely talented musically and plays piano at home. Her self-taught ability to play piano, is both a stress reliever and creative outlet. She also explores wonders untold through the world of books and is excited to cross more and more titles off her bucket list of books- yes she has a bucket list of books!  Additionally, she also enjoys the company of her four year old brother Ethan whose “childhood is beautiful” to observe and supervise. Her responsibility as an older sibling gives her the capacity to care for others and offer her wise input from experience.

While we are all aware of Jen’s ambitious attitude towards life, I cannot wait to see where all these talents and impressive qualities take her. Jen is undecided about where she will attend school but she does know that she wants to focus on research in the STEM field. As both her peer and friend, I am proud of her accomplishments and value our friendship always. The best of luck to Jen in her future endeavors – not that she’ll need it.