Senior Spotlight: Julia Woods


          When I think about my Juul, I think of no one other than Julia Woods. Julia is not only one of my best friends and fellow school 5 alum, but she is also the GO vice president. Move over Pence! This role means she is extremely involved in organizing school activities, including Relay for Life and the infamous school calendar. You may have heard her voice over the loudspeaker every morning, but I hear her speaking to my heart on the daily. She is also the school mascot, captain of the Kayak Club, the equipment manager for the Varsity Football Team, and an Olympic Russian gymnast. Have you ever heard the Beatles song “Julia”? That’s her.
         OK, fine. Maybe Julia isn’t actually a Russian gymnast, or more impressively, the captain of the Kayak Club, but her actual extracurriculars are just as breathtaking. Julia is on the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Team and received the award for “Most Improved” this year. She was also one of the sport night captains for the White Team and was heavily involved in the artwork for the team. The White Team was the winner of sport night this year thanks to the efforts by Julia and her fellow captains. Julia is also one of the most talented artists I know and has produced countless amazing drawings and paintings whether it be from being a student in AP Art or a member of Art Honor Society. She also uses her art to help out the school, such as designing the cover art for the Mother Daughter Dinner. Julia is also an editor-in-chief of the Sider Press. She is an extremely talented writer and has some of the most popular articles on the Sider Press, such as her article “Kaepernick: Hero or Villain?” which received 1st place in the Opinion category at the Hofstra 2017 High School Journalism Awards. On top of all of these talents, she is also a gifted piano player and almost brought a room of people to tears with her rendition of “Patience” by the Lumineers. While our one guitar/one piano band sophomore year was short lived, we received a Grammy for our first album which went #1 in Japan, and we will always cherish the memories we made together on tour. If it wasn’t enough to balance all of these extracurriculars, Julia is also a very intelligent, dedicated student who always takes a challenging course load  and is a member of National Honor Society.
          Julia was one of my first friends when I moved to Oceanside and has continued to be nothing but an amazing friend for these past 5 years. Julia is truly loved by all, whether it be her teachers, classmates, or younger students who she is always friendly and welcoming to. She is always a source of positivity and someone you can undeniably count on to be there whenever you need them. I feel so grateful to be able to say she is one of my closest friends. Julia is very dedicated to Oceanside and benefits the community in so many ways, and she is also truly an amazing person and free-spirit. Julia will be attending the University of Delaware’s nursing program after high school and I have no doubt that she will thrive and be extremely successful in this next chapter of her life. When I am the chief of neurology at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, I will not think twice before hiring her to be my nurse (as long as she has the right qualifications and a stellar resume).

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  1. Mrs. Frasca | June 9, 2017 at 9:36 AM |

    I agree wholeheartedly Ariel!She’ll be missed here!

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