Senior Spotlight: Justin Roth


Throughout Justin Roth’s years in Oceanside High School he has pushed to succeed in his studies as well as in his athletics. Justin was involved in volleyball in the fall and both the Winter and Spring Track & Field seasons. He was a starter and captain of the volleyball team this year, leading them to a 13-3 record. Justin was first appointed the track team’s distance captain during the 2014 winter season and has held that title all the way through his senior year spring season. In Justin’s studies he has always pushed to do his best, which is evident in his pursuit of athletic excellence as well. It is because of these qualities and achievements that Justin has become a great leader, which he has skillfully balanced with the qualities that are required to be a great friend.

roth sub 5

Justin is stuck between two schools, Binghamton and Bentley. He plans to study finance regardless of which school he attends. He wants to continue to stay active in sports as he has throughout high school, but would only consider club sports for their less competitive nature. Justin will will easily succeed in the future and overcome any hurdles, or steeples, in his path.