Senior Spotlight: Kelly Poulos


This senior spotlight is about one of the most dedicated, compassionate, and accomplished people I know: Kelly Poulos. Whether you know Kelly on a personal level or just from school, you are probably familiar with her many achievements. In addition to writing for our very own Sider Press, Kelly is President of National Honor Society, Vice President of the Senior Class, Secretary of Cancer Awareness Club, and Secretary of World Language Honor Society.

As President of National Honor Society, Kelly contributes to planning every event throughout the school year. She is in charge of encouraging each member of NHS to participate in community service actives, such as tutoring, collecting donations, and helping people in need. Recently, Kelly has gotten many students involved in our annual door decorating for Cancer Awareness Club. The results can be seen in the beautiful holiday themed doors throughout the school. Kelly is very charitable and enthusiastic, which makes her an exceptional officer for Cancer Awareness Club. The money collected from the door decorating will go towards our second annual “O-thon”, which Kelly has an important role in as well.

Kelly excels at working with others when discussing ideas and planning events. As Vice President of the senior class, she meets with the other officers once a week to collaborate and decide which charities to donate money to. They are currently working on a project called, “Holiday Angels”, which is designed to help struggling families during the holidays. They are also in charge of arranging the calendar in the lobby and making sure activities, such as Battle and Sport Night, run smoothly. Kelly works with others as Secretary of World Language Honor Society, as well. They plan many events such as bagel sales, pet food drives, and other fundraisers. They have just begun to plan the International Food Festival, which will take place in May.


In addition to the important positions Kelly holds, she is an impressive AP scholar, validated by winning the senior superlative “Most Intelligent”. She recently committed to Northwestern University and hopes to major in environmental engineering. Kelly is undoubtedly a very talented individual who fulfills her potential. She loves to work with others and encourage people to be the best they can be. I can confidently say Kelly is an outstanding individual who is sure to succeed in the rest of her life.