Senior Spotlight: Sari Axelrod


Anyone that knows the one and only Sari Axelrod also knows that she is one of the most caring and compassionate students here at OHS. Sari demonstrates an overall well-rounded character as seen by her devoted friendship to all and her strong commitment to her community. From her leadership as Head Captain of Battle of the Classes to being an active member of Best Buddies, Interact, and SADD, Sari has certainly left her mark.

In the effort to positively improve her school environment and the decisions of her peers, Sari has made it a point to be invested in the SADD club, otherwise known as Students Against Destructive Decisions. In doing so, Sari says, “It’s a cause I really support, and I love being part of the effort to spread a positive message in the school.” It is not uncommon for Sari to want to better the school; she is a passionate believer in positivity. In fact, Sari radiates an energy of confidence in everything she does.

Thanks to her involvement in our very own Interact Club, Sari has also participated in the Reading Program down at the elementary level. She also has made occasional trips to the Kindergarten Center to do some reading with ESL kids. Despite having to take up her time to make these trips and visits, she willingly travelled to the schools because she enjoyed it that much. It was “really a rewarding experience,” Sari humbly admits.

Sari’s deeply committed to her Social Science Research as well. Since the tenth grade, she has been conducting her project “What Influences Subordinate Feelings in Women? A Quantitative Analysis of the Year a Woman was Born and Her Subordinate Feelings Towards Men.” Both inside and outside the classroom, Sari has proved her firm work ethic and dedication through her conductive research. Her research surveyed 500 women ages 12-80 over a period of 9 months to examine their feelings regarding inequality in conjunction to their birth year. After her long and strenuous research, Sari can finally say she has submitted her work to Intel. Though she was not a Semifinalist in the competition, she was selected to present her work at the Nassau County Science and Engineering Fair this upcoming April. Her unwavering conscientious attitude towards her academics is quite an admirable trait.

Outside of school, Sari also manages to find time to babysit and cook whenever she gets a chance. Sari is not only sweet in the way she likes to work with kids, but she also has a sweet tooth for cooking/baking. She even considered culinary school for “a hot second” but decided to take it up as a hobby rather than a career. If you do ever have the privilege of eating one of Sari’s creations, just know that the brownies, cooked with cookie batter and oreos, are definitely worth a taste (even with the inevitable 5 pounds gained later). Her other hobbies include going to the gym, watching Netflix, and, most importantly, travelling. Though, she admits seeing the world is quite difficult given that she’s a full-time student.

While she is still undecided about what she would like to study in college, Sari has committed to Tulane University and couldn’t be more happy. In fact, when approached with the notorious questions about college plans, Sari has been lucky to have been prepared since November of last year. She has called her acceptance to Tulane “a dream come true”, and she can’t wait to spend the next four years in New Orleans where she’s most excited to “explore the amazing culture and take advantage of every opportunity.” Coming from someone who has had the privilege of knowing Sari as a friend and peer throughout high school, I have no doubt that she’ll flourish in the next chapter of her life.