Senior Spotlight: Victoria Staltare


Victoria is not only one of the most active students at Oceanside High School, she is also one of the kindest and most caring. Whether you know Victoria personally or simply are aware of her many achievements, the passion she demonstrates for her school and community and her compassion for others are abundantly clear. However, perhaps Victoria’s most impressive quality is her seemingly supernatural ability to juggle an incredibly busy schedule. Between being the President of the Senior class, the Head Captain of Battle of the Classes, the Vice President of Best Buddies, the manager of the boys Lacrosse Team, and an active member of Natural Helpers, Camp Anchor, and Sports Night, it is truly baffling how Victoria manages to have time to breath, let alone to excel in a difficult schedule of advanced classes.

As the President of the Senior Class and a Head Captain of Battle, Victoria can almost always be found working to improve her school and to best represent her peers. In these positions, she has organized a multitude of fundraisers and school events, dedicating an enormous amount of time to improve Oceanside’s student body. As someone who has personally witnessed her stay awake for nearly 48 hours in order to ensure her classes’ victory in Battle of the Classes, I can assert that it is no surprise that she was given the superlative of “Ms. Oceanside” in this year’s yearbook.

Victoria has further demonstrated that her compassion supersedes even her spirit. As a member of Natural Helpers she has worked closely with peers in crisis situations in order to improve their situations. And as a member of both Best Buddies and Camp Anchor, Victoria has dedicated her time and effort to improving the lives of those with disabilities in her community.

Victoria is a deeply compassionate and admirable individual who has done all in her ability to improve both her school and community. As someone who has had the pleasure of being both her peer and her friends, I can say with the utmost confidence that Victoria will be extremely successful in her future endeavors.