Senioritis Strikes Again


Do you ask your parents to call you in “sick” for school in the morning? Is homework becoming optional? Going out with your friends for pizza rather than studying for that test tomorrow? Do you frequently leave school in the middle of the school day? Are you a senior?

If you have answered yes to most of the questions above then yes you have a case of senioritis. Millions of seniors have symptoms of senioritis like:


  • Short-Term Memory Loss When it Comes to Remembering Project Due Dates
  • Extreme Difficulty Waking Up in the Morning
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Excessive Desire to Skip Class
  • Drastic Increase in Netflix Consumption
  • Loss of Interest in Your Appearance
  • Frequent Hallucinations About What College Life Will Be Like


This general feeling of apathy towards school work is developed after years in class and hits high school seniors hard around this time. Their interest in learning declines and they tend to slack off. They choose easier classes in place of courses that are suppose to prepare them for college. Those afflicted try balancing this easier course load with extracurricular activities, a job and also a social life.

Many students think “I’m done with high school. I got accepted to a college and high school just isn’t that important anymore.”  These are no longer wide-eyed freshmen eager to please and succeed at OHS.  They have evolved into sluggish, worn out seniors who feel they have outgrown the high school.

There are no known cures, but the disease tends to run its course. Seniors who contract it eventually lapse into a state of nostalgia as the school year nears completion. They come to an understanding that they will no longer attend Friday night football games, cheer with 309, participate in club events, field trips and homecoming. Ironically the cure for most cases of Senioritis is to become a freshman again, or even scarier, enter into the real world.