Social Millionaires


When it comes to the internet audiences are reached faster than any other preceding advertising medium available. Viewers come from a wide variety and can access new posts instantaneously; creating an unprecedented opportunity for social media stars. Social media sites which are used by millions on a daily basis- such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine- have opened the door to put the spotlight on users and give them the chance to create fortunes out of their views and number of followers.

When social media millionaires come to mind one automatically thinks of Mark Zuckerberg the mastermind behind Facebook, the social media site worth $190 billion. However Mark Zuckerberg isn’t an average user, he is a creator. There are many who took advantage of clicking the buttons which were put there for them and now have a net worth that exceeds a million dollars. When sites turn into hubs of advertisements essentially anyone can turn their followers into millions, not just those who originated the server.

But how exactly does one turn followers in millions?

image1Social media stars tend to start as a typical user, with just one thing that makes them stand out. It can be as simple as a pretty face, funny video or just skilled editing. As long as there is something that catches the eyes of viewers it’s enough to create web fame. Money usually comes hand in hand with fame, and online advertising is the key.  

Logan Paul  is a social media entertainer with 3.5 million followers on vine. He kicked off his “career” creating comical clips which quickly gained popularity as numerous viewers shared and re-vined his posts. His high view count is what makes Logan Paul so appealing to companies. Logan Paul has been given opportunities to create “vine commercials” for products. All he has to do is manufacture one of his creative videos; in it he exaggerates or promotes a product and the brand rewards him with a sizable cash payment. He is thought to have made a profit of at least over a million dollars.

Other stars are paid directly from the social media platform itself. YouTube is notorious for paying their “stars” just for regularly posting videos. YouTube makes money from large businesses who create short ads which appear before videos, the more views the video gets the more money the company pays YouTube. YouTube’s goal is to ensure their popular producers continuously are uploading, that way their spectator count climbs, so they began to give salaries to those who generate consistent hits. YouTube has such a high amount of watchers that companies will pay YouTube to have their ads up even though typically it is able to be skipped after  only 3 seconds of viewing. One of the most iconic, and possibly richest, YouTube star is PewDiePi who has been estimated to have earned $9 million. His videos cover a broad range of subjects resulting in a variety of audiences. He has so many subscribers that after a day of being uploaded his videos end up with a total of four million views.

The internet can be accessed by essentially anyone and is growing exponentially so it is the perfect platform for companies and businesses to showcase themselves. The internet is unique since ads can be specialized for specific audiences and placed in high profile pages where views are guaranteed instantly. The opportunity for advertisements to be at the fingertips of people creates high and growing rewards for those who have accrued a large number of followers and use them to their own advantage.