Sport Night Recap


On Saturday March 5th, the 71st annual Sport Night took place at OHS. While Broadway Blue presented their best tunes and jazz hands to steal center stage, Warrior White fought long and hard for victory on the battlefield. 

In the month prior to one of the biggest nights of the year, both teams dedicated their time and effort towards creating a cheer to a dance known as ‘entrance’, as well as ‘psych’, which is solely a dance number. According to head captain of the blue team, Victoria Staltare, one of her favorite things about Sport Night is the nighttime practices. Despite the busy schedule of an OHS teen, Victoria feels it is her duty as head captain to “dedicate all time and energy to the team.” The hours and hours of commitment do not go unnoticed.

In addition to rehearsing dances and cheers, the girls also create impressive art pieces pertaining to the team’s theme. All the original works that adorn the gym walls display the talent of the OHS girls; it is not something you want to miss.


 As head captain of the white team Jordyn Parks says it best: “It is an experience like no other finally seeing all the hard work we put in pay off.” It is truly an accomplishment to take pride in when all the work and preparation pays off. Jordyn also adds, “I love making so many new friends each year.” The strong bond of teamwork is something that should not be overlooked.

Following the entrances of both the white and blue teams, the sports begin. Traditional sports such as volleyball, basketball , and relay races are performed first. Then unorthodox sports, like the pie eating contest and crab soccer (a crowd favorite) follow. After the six events, both teams were tied! It would all come down to the judging of entrance/psych routines, art, and most importantly, sportsmanship. With the audience on the edge of their seats, the winner of Sport Night and the sportsmanship award was announced: amidst the screams, the white team was announced as the victor, taking the win!  

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Sportnight is the perfect opportunity for girls from each grade to integrate and work with one another as a team. Although walking away with the gold and earning the title as the champion is a surreal feeling, nothing is more rewarding than the lasting feeling of companionship and sense of support girls gain as a result of the experience. As a participant in this event myself, it is fair to say that Sport Night is an empowering event for women. The biggest positive I take from Sport Night is this very feeling of family that would be difficult to obtain from any other OHS event.