Sportnight 2017 Recap

On Saturday March 4th 2017, the 72nd annual Sportnight was held at OHS. Big Top Blue fought long and hard to tame their lions and tigers, but couldn’t overcome the storm brought by Earth Wind and White. After an action-packed night, the Blue Team received the Sportsmanship award and the White Team, the winning trophy!

Before the hurricane and prior to the opening of the big top show, comes hours upon hours of practice. Both teams dedicate all their time and effort towards rehearsing dance numbers known as ‘entrance’ and ‘psych.’ These events are everything but calm before the storm. The choice of songs, lyrics, and dance moves are all considered in the scoring process (as they must pertain to each team’s theme) and therefore taken very seriously. All the hard work that goes into this one night does not go unnoticed.

Big Top Blue wowed the crowd with their impressive comeback in entrance after their music was cut short. In recent years, the music had been an issue and though the technical difficulties are not acceptable to say the least, the faulty tunes only further encourages the girls to scream louder and dance harder. Big Top Blue put on a great show, music or not! The Blue team also exhibited their athletic ability in the many sporting events that followed the dance numbers. Whether it be the over-under race, basketball shots, the obstacle course, or the crowd favorite, crab soccer, both teams played their hearts out and initiated the spirit that was so prominent in the stands this year.

As for Earth, Wind, and White, the crowd was on board for the big storm in toll for the night. After an electric entrance, a fierce psych, a nail biting win in four corner volleyball, and multiple crowd tsunami cheers, the White Team swept up the win! They made it abundantly clear that winning was on the agenda. According to senior captain Julia Woods, “It felt good to see all of our hard work finally pay off and for our last Sportnight to be as amazing as we had hoped for it to be.” The stunning artwork in combination with the enthusiasm of the teams was surely inspiring for crowd members to witness and participate in.

Sportnight is an experience every high school girl from all ages and interests should have. To have a supportive team to lean on at any and all times is something that sets Sportnight apart from other events here at OHS. Earning the title as a champion and walking away with the medal is no doubt a surreal feeling, but emerging from this experience with family-like bonds and friendships is the most rewarding feeling of all.   


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  1. Sportnight is a true celebration of young women. Great job capturing the experience Jane!

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