Stopping Crime A Bottle At A Time


There are countless problems occurring in today’s world. One of which includes climate change and the destruction of natural resources. Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels which permits more greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere, trapping heat. Many people have argued that we need to take care of this global issue first, but others believe we should focus on national issues like poverty and unemployment. In the United State of America 4.9% of Americans are unemployed and 13.5% of people are living in poverty. These issues are extremely important, however they are not even comparable to the problem faced at Oceanside High School. The faculty at OHS believe that what’s going on in the library should be our first priority.

For the past few months, students in Oceanside High School have been acting out in ways that are unimaginable. The most serious crime they have committed is bringing food, but more importantly and frequently bringing water bottles into the library. There is a sign outside of the library entrance door which clearly states “No Food or Drinks Permitted”. This includes snacks from the vending machine, treats purchased on Candy Monday, food from the cafeteria or home and most importantly, water bottles! This crisis is the school’s top priority and should be yours too. The punishment for this crime is either a warning or a strike. Once you reach 2 or 3 strikes (varies on the librarian) you will be kicked out for the rest of the period. But, there have been  some reported cases where the librarian has not given a strike and just asked the student to kindly put it away out of sight… no more Mister Nice Guy-or should I say no more Mister Nice Librarian!

Students have reached the limit and now are receiving a harsher punishment: Every time a student is found with a water bottle which claims to be his or hers, they are banned from the library. A mugshot will be taken and placed on the “Wall of Shame”. The painting with the American flag from last year’s Sport night team, Warrior White, will be removed and transformed into the “Wall of Shame”. The photograph of each criminal allows librarians to make sure none of these miscreants are present in the library at any given time. It is an extreme measure, but sometimes public shaming is the only option we have.

April 1st Edition.