Super Bowl Commercials

Owen Gyves

Once a year, the biggest sporting event takes place. The Super Bowl is the most popular championship in the country. The only championship in the world that can compare is the World Cup.  Along with that popularity comes sponsors and advertisements which is one of the reasons people enjoy watching this important game.

The main sponsors of these advertisements/commercials for the Super Bowl include Mountain Dew, Doritos, and M&M’s. A typical Super Bowl commercial costs between 4.5 to 5 million dollars. That is just for one commercial. Timing and target marketing are also a crucial aspect of planning and airing these advertisements. This is because the slots that take place during the game will be more likely seen. Nowadays companies are trying to create commercials that appeal to young adults and teens. They will put popular athletes in commercials to get the appeal of the teens.

Approximately 111 million people watch the Super Bowl on average. This is a marketing goldmine for companies. Most of the time the commercials that are put out try to represent what that company is about or they try putting a comedic spin to what they are marketing. Social media is another important aspect in the marketing world today. Companies can reach the viewer through youtube or gaming ads.

In 2017 the total revenue from Super Bowl commercials was a total of 375 million dollars. This year the total is expected to be higher. Consumers purchased 14.1 billion in Super Bowl products. With the Super Bowl ratings boosting to a total of 172,000,000 viewers last year, these commercials will definitely be worth the time and money putting them together.

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