Television Review: Shameless


Do you watch Shameless?

If you haven’t heard those words throughout your day, you will soon. Through word of mouth, more and more people are starting to dive into this popular series.

In season one, the six kids range from a twenty year old quasi provider for the family, to a two-year old toddler. As the show progresses, we get to watch the Gallaghers grow up while they struggle with poverty, drug abuse, and outrageous relationships; All with the burden of keeping their alcoholic father out of trouble. Perhaps Shameless takes our attention away from the stress in our own lives. For those fifty minutes, you can immerse yourself in the jaw dropping story. It is by no means, however, an easy show to watch. Once invested, you will be sure to cry, be genuinely afraid for what is going to occur, and in many cases, cringe.

The first season starts with the children so young, that we get to watch them grow in this shameful setting that they are “raised” in. These young actors do a fantastic job of making their characters come to life.

The show received its first award in 2015, an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress (Joan Cusack). Since then, it’s won three others; An Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination (2016), a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor (2017, William H. Macy), and a Satellite Award for Best Actor (2017, William H. Macy).

I would recommend checking your schedule before watching this addictive show. It’s easy accessibility on Netflix is the cherry on top of why Shameless is effortless to binge watch.