The Down and Dirty About the College Admission Process

For all of you high school students out there, the college application process is on the verge. And if you are like most teenagers, simply hearing the word “college” is overwhelming. If this is you, come to “The Down & Dirty About the College Admission Process” November 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the OHS auditorium, where college expert Peter Van Bushkirk will give you the 411 on college admissions. 

Mr. Van Bushkirk has a weekly blog, that can be found on, has appeared on numerous television and radio interviews including “Oprah and Friends” with Jean Chatzky, and is the author of  the best-selling book Winning the College Admission Game: Strategies for Students and Parents as well as  Prepare, Compete, Win! The Ultimate College Planning Workbook for Students.  

Although generally juniors are the target audience for college information sessions, “anyone that is in the process of exploring college admissions” should attend this event, says Mrs. Lochridge, who has organized this night along with Mr. Utrecht. Mr. Van Bushkirk will speak about the competitive environments of college admissions, along with the academic and the non-academic factors in decision-making and admission officers’ “hidden agendas” – factors that are never discussed but often determine who is admitted.

If you will be applying to college in the near future, make sure to come to “The Down & Dirty About the College Admission Process” to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of college admissions!

Thank you to Mrs. Lochridge for her contribution to this article.