The Equivocal Kellyanne Conway


The equivocal Kellyanne Conway has quite the reputation amongst reporters and journalists. Who,exactly, is Kellyanne Conway, and why does she seem to fluster reporters so much?

Kellyanne Conway is Trump’s former campaign manager and current Counselor to the President. Conway began working for Trump’s campaign in August 2016 but was actually endorsing Ted Cruz prior to that time. Conway, founder of terms like “alternative facts,” is often criticized by the media, as she has a tendency to seemingly misunderstand or misinterpret a question. Conway received a law degree with honors from George Washington University in 1992, perhaps explaining her abilities to portray the Trump administration positively, regardless of the question asked. Considering these factors, Kellyanne actually has a possibly methodical approach to answering almost any hard-hitting question.

Steps to a Conway-style Q and A:

  1. Kellyanne starts off by choosing a word or phrase from the interviewer’s question.
  2. She uses the phrase to make it superficially appear as though she’s answering the question.
  3. The interviewer either chooses to drop it or ask again.
  4. Kellyanne believes that an interviewer will be polite, and will not continuously ask the same question.
  5. She is able to act as though she does not know the answers to questions, as she is not at every briefing.
  6. When all else fails, Conway makes Trump’s policies more defensible.

Despite Kellyanne Conway’s reputation in the media, the media still chooses to include her in various segments. This may be because it is Conway’s job to make statements for President Trump, but her interviews often bring no clarity as to what Trump actually believes or is actually doing. Perhaps that is the true point of Kellyanne Conway’s role in Trump’s administration: not to bring clarity, but to deceive viewers by hiding and defending President Trump’s actions.