The Gummy Bear Incentive

by Jordy Harnisher

I understand that exam week can be quite stressful. The stress seems to be never ending. Here are some ways that you can alleviate that kind of stress and have a positive exam week.

It all begins with your studying habits and what kind of student you are. When I start to study for my exams, I begin by making a study schedule and I plan my time. This helps me stay organized and not stressed out. While studying, I like to listen to music. I also like to rewrite and highlight my notes while I’m studying because it helps me to remember and reinforce the information.

There’s also a real thing called “The Gummy Bear Incentive” to help you study. What you do is open your textbook or your notebook, then you put a gummy bear on the “REALLY IMPORTANT – I MUST MEMORIZE THINGS” sections. You read the information out loud multiple times and then you can eat that section’s gummy bear. It’s good because if you eat something, it will help your memory. It’s a fun and stress free way to study and maybe it will be beneficial for you in the long run. It may help you to achieve your goal of getting a good grade on your exam. I recommend it!