The History of Key Club at OHS


       You may think that Key Club has something to do with keys, but believe it or not, there are no keys involved in this club. Key Club International is the oldest and largest community service program for High School students. The club was founded in 1925, and is an offspring of Kiwanis International which was founded in 1915.  Key Club’s mission is to “Promote leadership through serving others” according to their website. Key Club started here at OHS in 1947 and, following international rules, only allowed male members.  As the club gained popularity throughout the years, the Keyettes was formed to give girls the same opportunities boys had to service the Oceanside community.

     Key Club International states that the first females to enter the club did so in 1977. However, at OHS,  women joined the club in 1973, which was most likely off official record. Ever since its start 70 years ago, Oceanside Key Clubbers have been dedicated to servicing the community and others in need. Key Club received the first ever Sailor Club Cup Award this year for their hard work at various events and service projects throughout the year. Some of the events that Key Club volunteers participate in are the seasonal holiday events sponsored by Kiwanis and Oceanside Community Services. These events include The Halloween Parade, Holiday Happenings, Super Bowl Breakfast, and the Easter Egg Hunt held at Schoolhouse Green. One of the most popular events among the members is Spooky Fest at Tanglewood Preserve. At Spooky Fest, members can participate in an array of Halloween themed activities from dressing up as zombies and scaring visitors in the haunted forest walk to assisting children in a fall themed craft.  There are multiple community service events going on just about every week of the year.

This year, Mrs. Dejose and Mr. Zylbert are advising the club for the second year in a row. “One of the great parts about Key Club is that we are constantly at work in many different facets. We collect food, supervise elementary students at holiday events, coordinate school blood drives, and take part in various other events with Patriot Club, Habitat for Humanity, National Honor Society, and more,” says advisor Mr. Zylbert. Key Club works tirelessly throughout the year to lend a helping hand in any way they can.  Key Club is truly a fixture in Oceanside High School’s history.


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