The New Face of Gerber

This years 2018 Gerber baby is a smiley 18-month-old boy, named Lucas Warren. Lucas was born with Down Syndrome and this is the first time ever Gerber has selected a child with Down Syndrome to represent their company. Lucas’ mother Cortney, entered him into the 2018 Gerber baby contest after Lucas’ Great-aunt mentioned that Gerber put out its annual call for adorable babies. Putting him in a polka dotted tie with a big grin on his face, his winning picture was taken. Not thinking Lucas would receive over 140,000 votes to be the Gerber Spokesbaby, Lucas won! When Courtney opened the email stating that Lucas had won she was overjoyed. At first she thought it was a scam, but as she kept reading she cried tears of joy. “We know Gerber chose him because of his cuteness, but it also is spreading awareness of acceptance of people with disabilities of all kinds,” she said. “No matter if we have a disability or not, we’re all just humans.

This year Gerber picking a child with a disability, spreads awareness about kids like Lucas. Every year Gerber picks a new baby that will be the face of babies all around the world. This year Bill Partyka, CEO and president of Gerber, says “this year, Lucas is the perfect fit.” Lucas parents are extremely proud of what he has done, even though Lucas has no idea what an impact he has made on people. “They only thing he knows is there’s more people waving at him, and he has to wave back,” said his dad. “We’re hoping this will impact everyone — that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited,” dad Jason Warren said. Lucas’ parents think nothing less of him.

What is Down Syndrome? Down Syndrome is a chromosomal defect. Typically humans have 46 chromosomes in total, 23 from Mom and 23 from Dad. But, individuals with Down Syndrome are born with an extra chromosome making them have 47.  Though Lucas is born with Down Syndrome, that doesn’t limit him. Many people that are born with Down Syndrome have done great things in their lives, and Lucas is just starting out.

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  1. Marianne Sammartano | February 9, 2018 at 2:10 PM |

    Way to go Gerber CEO, Bill Partyyka. Great article!!

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