The Price Of Innocence


Countrywide, prostitution is an illegal activity that can result in jail-time and fines. Except in Nevada, where there are legal brothels that patrons can visit, spend money, and spend time. There has been quite a stir lately concerning these brothels, as 21 year-old Katherine Stone, who works at the Kit Kat Brothel has decided to auction off her virginity. As the only virgin at the brothel, Stone decided to become an employee there several months ago in hopes of making money after the house she and her family lived in burned down in an electrical fire. The current media buzz over her decision has brought up many discussions over what is considered respectable as a career and if women working in the sex industry act as enablers of the sexist attitudes plaguing our country.


Katherine Stone has put her virginity up for auction.

Currently the bid is above $400,000. Stone is considering the implications of losing her virginity for a payment. “The whole time I’ve been here, I’ve come to terms with what I’m doing,” she said in an interview with “I’m definitely ready.”


Dennis Hof is facilitating the auction.

Considering the fact that Stone is only 21 years old, has no college education, and no insurance to cover the damages to her home, the most expedient method to acquire the money needed to get her and her family comfortably situated seemed to be a temporary career in the sex industry. After seeing an ad for the brothels in Nevada, she decided to contact the country’s most prominent brothel owner, Dennis Hof. He is facilitating the auction through one of his websites and allowing Stone to keep all the profit due to her situation.

Many think that prostitution is a degrading practice that desperate woman will go into only as a last resort, however that is not entirely true. Many of the more practiced brothel workers make a salary well into the six-figure range, and many enjoy the work that they do as well. An article conducted by the writers at interviewed some of the brothel workers at Nevada’s most famous brothel, Moonlite Bunny Ranch. One of the legal prostitutes, Alice, told the interviewers “I definitely am a lot more confident in myself. I have found that even just the way I carry myself and walk around has completely changed.” These women have found a profession that makes them feel desired, and that also happens to be one highest-paid professions for women in the entire country.

According to data via the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paying job for women in 2016 was a Chief Executive, which made approximately $95,000 annually, or $1,800 weekly. They obviously didn’t account for your average legal prostitute. A worker at one of Dennis Hof’s several brothels in Nevada makes on average $3,000 a week, which is more than a thousand dollar increase in earnings.  
Obviously, many people believe prostituting oneself as a way to pay the electric bills is not the ideal career choice. However the question remains that if a woman is comfortable using her body as a way to make ends meet, and then in many cases surpass it, why should she be stopped? As long as the brothel industry is seriously regulated, which is the case in Nevada, there is no reason a woman shouldn’t be allowed to capitalize on a very limited industry that pays significantly higher than the majority of jobs available in the United States.

Katherine Stone plans to use the money she makes off the auction to repair her house so she and her family can move back in, and possibly go to law school one day. Because of the laws Nevada has made legalizing this industry, she has the ability to make the money in a time period that wouldn’t leave her or her family homeless, and has given her the financial means to pursue other careers or life interests.

Although not popular the brothel business is alive and well in Nevada. With progressive measures such as the legalization of marijuana passing in several states, people can only speculate if the near future will allow Katherine Stone and others to operate in states other than Nevada.