The Sider Press Spends a Day at LIU

With the hope of winning The Best Of High School Journalism Awards the Sider Press staff embarked on a field trip to Long Island University. The day was filled with journalism-related activities, a complimentary lunch, guest speakers, and the awards themselves! The young journalist, driven editors, and dedicated teachers from Oceanside High School joined neighboring communities around the Long Island area for this special event.

The first activity was lead by two college students from LIU that were majoring in Public Relations. The exercise was to create a tweet using a celebrity’s twitter to promote a certain product. The students learned about the journalism related field of P.R. while using their creativity. One of the groups from Oceanside created the tweet “@Drakebell My brother josh just ran over @oprahWinfrey in his BMW. Oprah is in the hospital but my BMW looks flawless #greatbuy #bestcar @BMW”.

The Sider Press staff also joined two more professors throughout the day, learning about broadcasting, television news, and also news radio. Enjoying a conversation with Professor Dan Cox, the staff discussed the changing times of journalism and how the media plays into its viewer’s emotions.

Once the activities concluded, and the various news staffs enjoyed lunch, the awards commenced. To begin the awards the guest speaker, Angela Susan Anton who is the publisher and editor of the Anton Media Group, addressed the growing epidemic of fake news, and what the young journalists sitting in the audience could do to the fix it. The categories included Best News Story, Best Feature Story, Best Sports Story, Best Commentary/ Editorial, Best High School Newspaper, and Best Online publication. Up against Jericho, Kellenberg, Lynbrook, Thomas Edison, Hewlett, Patchogue-Medford, and a number of other High schools, The Sider Press took home a win for Oceanside. The Newspaper won second place for Best Online Publication, coming behind Patchogue-Medford, and ahead of Jericho. One of the editors of the Sider Press, Jane Krol, was honorably mentioned in the category of Best News Article, for her eye-opening story Dark Chocolate, Dark History. “It’s really important to get news out that isn’t typically covered and I am glad this issue was recognized with my article.” Jane said in response to her award.

Overall the eventful day was a success for Oceanside. The students involved in the Journalism class and the members of the Newspaper’s club enjoyed this field trip. “I thought it was a good experience to step outside the classroom and meet people who are connected to the world of journalism that are outside of the Sider Press” the Editor and Chief, Julia woods expressed. Mr. Howley the journalism teacher and Mr. Perri the Sider Press adviser were proud of the hardworking staff.

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  1. Marianne Sammartano | March 29, 2017 at 1:43 PM |

    Congratulations to Joe Perri and Mike Howley and all the students who received the Journalism and Best Online Publication awards. It is truly well deserved. Congratulations, Jane Krol, for your very informative and important article. Thanks for bringing an awareness to the situation behind this delicious treat. It has certainly given me something to think about.

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