Things to do in Oceanside Before Graduation


  • Have a tailgate in the first lot! Grab your beach chairs and hit the concrete!
  • Have tailgate in the second lot! Get in the back of your pickup truck, put on those ray bans, blast some Blake Shelton, and don’t forget your Trump hat!
  • Have a tailgate in the third lot! Hasn’t been done yet, might be a little cramped, but it’ll still be lit.
  • Steal grandma’s handicap parking pass to get that prime first lot spot. It’s not always easy waking up at 5 am.
  • Play football in the parking lot. Ignore the full sized football field a few feet away.
  • Swing your lanyard around in the lobby until you hit someone with your keys. Make sure everyone sees, they need to know you are a senior and have a Jeep.
  • Stand in the lobby blocking foot traffic. When people try to cut through to get to class, stare them down, and try flashing you lanyard around as a sign of dominance.
  • Get sick from Moe’s one last time. That darn queso, you just have to chug it.
  • Get an iced coffee from the cow (the dairy barn) and thank them for their service.
  • Keep talking about sport night to your new college roommates. Even though it ended months ago, it’s a great way to make new friends. BTV/WTV FOREVER.
  • Get kicked out of the library for drinking water. THERE’S NEW RUGS, SHOW SOME RESPECT.
  • Get kicked out of the Social Studies Resource Center for eating.
  • “Get out your school ID’s” one last time, even though they see you everyday, know your name, and clearly know that you are a senior.
  • Carry your melted, lukewarm iced coffee around for 5 periods so people know you went out.
  • Spicy Chicken Wednesday one last time
  • Get a delicious bagel at 24. Fo’ real tho.
  • Wear exclusively Oceanside Apparel seven days a week, free of judgement, while you still can.
  • Get one last copy from Al
  • Get dresscoded one last time
  • “Aww” at the ducks in the courtyard, contemplate about stealing them.
  • Complain about how you don’t want high school to end, even though you barely went to your classes.

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  1. Mrs. Sammartano | May 30, 2017 at 1:35 PM |

    Love this girls ! Great job and good luck to you seniors !!!

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