Thrones Review: Episode 4


***Spoilers Below***

Family reunions dominated the story-line in episode four “Book of the Stranger” bringing together various stories and hopefully closing some loose ends.

As Jon was making a plan to head somewhere south to get warm, Sansa arrives at Castle Black with Brienne and Podrick. This is the first time Jon has seen anyone from his family since the first season and the reunion is executed nearly perfectly. The scene shows the hardships they’ve both been through and how they’ve taken each other for granted in the past, but now realise that they need each other. Although Jon seems to have given up in terms of fighting, Sansa wants to reclaim Winterfell. Later as Tormund and Brienne are flirting Jon reads the bastard letter aloud and it is now apparent that the Starks will fight for Winterfell.

In King’s Landing Queen Margaery has be granted the right to see her brother, Loras. Once she goes to his cell she sees that he is nothing more than a broken man now, which is exactly what the High Sparrow wanted. At the meeting of the small council Olenna Tyrell agrees to send in Tyrell soldiers to rescue Margaery and Loras from the High Sparrow. These event likely lead to tension and possibly lead to a civil war in King’s Landing due to the instability in recent times.

Theon returned to the Iron Islands, the only place he could still call home. Upon his return he was initially shunned for being weak by his sister Yara. She continues to ridicule him for returning before the kingsmoot because nobody from the Iron Islands would want him as a king. As tensions reach their peak he explains that he wants to support her to become the next ruler of the Iron Islands. This scene is executed greatly as Theon is barely able to look his sister in the eyes, showing his vulnerability and emphasising the effect Ramsay had on him.

the unburnt

In Vaes Dothrak the Dosh Khaleen continues to consider Daenerys as a member, but she wants no part in this culture. Once Jorah and Daario reach the sacred city and meet with her they devise a plan to break her out which results in the fiery death of all the Khals. Daenerys traps herself in a hut with all of the Khals and burns it down emerging unburnt and gaining the respect of all the Dothraki of the city. This scene was certainly the highlight of the night, it showed that Daenerys was still powerful and that she is continuing to gain power, in this case she gains the power of the Dothraki.

This episode kept focused on reunions throughout its duration. Jon and Sansa meet in Castle Black, Margaery and Loras meet in King’s Landing, and Theon and Yara reunite in the Iron Islands. However the scene that kept fans talking the most was the emergence of Daenerys from the burning building. This scene in particular showed that the writers were still going to have shocking and breathtaking scenes throughout the season.

With the tensions rising throughout Westeros there will be various power struggles. While both the action in King’s Landing with the Lannisters and the High Sparrow, and in the North between the Boltons and the Starks are heating up, it seems that something is about to give in King’s Landing. Even though the faith of the seven appear weak I believe they might have a trick up their sleeve that will lead to the Lannister’s demise.