To Fidget or Not to Fidget?


You may have been hearing the sounds of a little electrical turbine or fan spinning once in awhile during class. Well that, my dear friends, is the sound of the fidget spinner,  the new crazy fad of 2017. Usually there is a fad or trend that becomes extremely popular every year, whether it be the Yu-Gi-Oh cards back in first grade, kooky pens in third grade, pencil toppers, silly bands, or even gaming apps like Flappy Bird. But this year, it is the year of the Fidget Spinner. It has been one of the most popular toys for kids these days and one of the most popular things for people to make videos about on YouTube. At first, I was even confused about the purpose of these little toys. So, they spin… and then what?

Fidget spinners were originally created and patented by Catherine Hettinger in 1997. However ,the patent has since expired, and many companies have started to create various versions of the product. Many spinners market themselves as a product designed to help people to focus and reduce stress levels, as well as to reduce the effects of anxiety, ADD, ADHD and autism. Fidget spinners have been selling very well lately, with some retailers stating that shipping has been delayed up to three weeks due to high demand. The spinners have become very popular among students of all ages, with some teachers reporting having multiple students in their class having them by their side during instruction. They have also spread to workplaces, as Forbes labeled the product, “The Must-Have Office Toy” of 2017.

By having something to fidget and play with in their hands, it is reported that some people are able to focus and learn better with these toys. Since they entered the scene, a wide range of different spinners have been created. Some of them are equipped with tiny LED lights that light up and create quite the spectacle when spun; some fidget spinners even glow in the dark. There are also giant life-size ones as well. People have gone all out creating new ways to make this toy more enjoyable. Fidget spinners seem to be a great way to blow off some steam and have some fun with your friends. Fidget spinner? Why Not? I Highly recommend them!