Trump Upsets Fallen Soldier’s Widow

   The pregnant widow of U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson becomes very upset when President Donald Trump says horrible things to her over the phone. On October 4th, 2017, Myeshia Johnson found out her husband was found dead. According to, Myeshia Johnson doesn’t even know how her husband died or where he died. Since October 4th, she has been excluded from any further information other than his death.

 President Donald Trump called Myeshia on the phone to send his condolences but this backfired rather quickly. “…which started a firestorm of controversy”. The congresswoman was a friend who was with the family in the car when she had received the call from Trump. This was put on speakerphone so that every family member in the car could listen in as well. Nypost says, “What he said was … ‘He knew what he signed up for — but it hurts anyway,’” she said in the interview. Myeshia says, “It made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it.” This wasn’t the only thing that had upset her. Myeshia began getting very upset and angry when President Trump couldn’t even remember her husband’s name. She says that the only reason Trump got his name correct was because the file was right in front of him. If her husband is out fighting for our country, why is it so difficult for Trump to remember our soldiers name? This situation made her cry even more.

     President Trump recalls the conversation as respectful and that he didn’t hesitate to remember the soldiers name. Trump’s tweet about this attracted a lot of attention. This tension rose through the air rather quickly. What do you think about President Trump’s condolences?