Trump’s Address to Congress

For many, Trump’s Address to Congress was a refreshing change from his usual rhetoric, and shifted from the very dark tone of his inaugural address, to a much more optimistic and encouraging one. President Trump’s address laid out his vision of the many ways to improve the United States, in a positive and calm manner. Although his language was less “rant-like” and more unifying than normal, Trump gave little substance on the fundamentals of his policies on issues ranging from terrorism to trade, immigration, and defense.

During the last 18 months, Trump has set a low moral standard for himself in comparison to many presidents in the past. Throughout the entirety of his presidential campaign, many citizens waited patiently for Trump to adjust from the unpresidential candidate he’d been from the start, and morph into a more well-versed campaigner. Should we have to wait four weeks into a presidency to deem our POTUS “Presidential” ? Many mainstream media immediately jumped upon the idea of how great Trump’s tone was, but the real question is whether or not he can govern as he spoke. The reactions to Trump’s speech were extremely mixed; as to be expected. Many thought that in that speech he proved himself capable of being a successful, popular president. Others countered that belief by saying that this was solely the result of closely reading off of a teleprompter, rather than going into a “meandering tirade”. Brian Williams, on MSNBC, called it Trump’s “most speech-like speech.”

Normality should not be a surprise. Yes, Trump expressed the evils of attacks on US synagogues, condemned anti-semitism, and called for unity. Yes, these are both positive, and promising aspects of his speech.  However, they are also things expected from a President. This  may have been a feel-good speech, but it does not deserve the praise it has been given.

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