Two Oceanside Girls Throw Down at County Championships

Two of Oceanside High School’s most accomplished shot putters,Jordyn Landau and Alexa Ford, coached by Kevin Carlock, this season were recently honored at the Nassau County Winter Track All-Star Dinner. Thanks to their hard work and dedication they have been awarded with the title of All-County. These girls are also being recognized for their talent by joining other Oceanside all-stars throughout history, into the Oceanside High School hall of fame.

Jordyn landau, who scored second overall in Nassau County, states that it was always a dream of hers to be put in the hall of fame. “Freshman year, when I decided to start throwing, I knew it was something that I not only enjoyed, but something that I could work and work and work at to get me in that hall of fame.” This success has brought Jordyn an honor she has been striving for and given her parents a great sense of pride. Alexa ford, who scored third overall in Nassau County, exclaims that “When I threw it, I knew it.” Alexa broke her personal record at counties, throwing thirty-two feet and seven inches, a personal achievement and one that put her in the hall of fame.


It has been four years since the Oceanside Girls Track Team has had an All-County athlete in winter, let alone two in the same year. Coach Kevin Carlock, is extremely proud of his team’s accomplishments this winter season and is excited for the seasons to come. “There’s a lot of talent on this team. With practice and consistency i think there will be a lot more throwers in the hall of fame.”