United Airlines Kills Simon The Giant Rabbit


Tragedy strikes again. United Airlines should just shut down! They have recently wronged innocent passengers, and now even worse they have murdered a beautiful healthy bunny. But this wasn’t your average thumper, this was a soon to be famous, world renowned bunny. Simon was on track to becoming the world’s largest living bunny.

United Airlines is an international failure. We’ve previously seen United rip the integrity from an American doctor, Dr. David Dao, physically dragging him off an overbooked flight. Now we have seen them rehash their cruelty. Simon, the three foot rabbit, will never live to see justice.

The incident occurred in the cargo section of a Boeing 767 plane in late April. The flight was from London and happened to land in Chicago, in the same airport where the doctor faced inhumanity. In the holding section for the critters, Simon was thought to be placed in a freezer for at least six hours. Evidence is inconclusive but it appears there is a good chance Simon froze to death.

The breeder is distraught and broken hearted. Her precious bunny was stolen from her. The worst part? No one can even prove what truly happened to the not so little guy. The bunny was cremated before an autopsy could be completed leaving the true cause of death a mystery. What is United Airlines doing that they must hide information regarding an innocent bunny? Breeder, Annette Edwards, says  “The whole thing stinks of a cover-up”.  United Airlines even released a statement attempting to deny the freezing of Simon and remove all blame from their corrupt corporation. Yet, with their repeated incompetence and little respect for life it is difficult for anyone to believe them.

Some say those who live overseas from one another have nothing in common, but now they can bond over the one thing they hate the most – United Airlines.