Update On Puerto Rico

Demi Sofocli

 Three weeks after Hurricane Maria caused a disastrous catastrophe, only 5 percent of citizens have gained back their electricity while only 12 percent gained back cell service. This is according to the Department of Defense. Communicating with families and friends is extremely difficult as is knowing who is okay and safe. Abc NEWS says, “…the department is delivering AT&T mobile cell towers.” They are also working on delivering food and supplies hopefully helping to give them clean potable water. “The Department of Defense is also focused on distributing food and supplies, producing and distributing clean water, delivering generator fuel to hospitals, clearing roadways, and mitigating spillway from the Guajataca Dam, the release said.” Unfortunately thousands of people are in need of medical assistance and there are only small numbers of hospitals in the area while most of hospitals are in need of generators to get back in use. A lot of stress is being put on hospitals.  

The integrity of the Guajataca Dam has been breached and caused millions of dollars of damage.



President Donald Trump asks the Congress for a 4.9 billion loan to help Puerto Rico recover. Reuters says, “Weighed down by nearly $72 billion in debt, Puerto Rico struggled with liquidity even before the most powerful hurricane in almost 90 years wiped out the island’s power grid, homes and other infrastructure nearly three weeks ago.” Last week the U.S. House of Representatives will request another $13 billion in disaster relief funds for the victims of Puerto Rico.

     Every possible thing that can help the hurricane victims we should do to help. A charity organization set up a Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund that will hopefully raise $75,000 in hope to rebuild these homes and infrastructure.