What is Your English Teacher Reading?

As part of the OHS English Department’s month-long English Celebration, OHS English teachers are sharing book recommendations with The Sider Press.  So, if you’ve ever wondered what English teachers read when they’re not teaching English, here’s a look:

Dr. Skinner – A Short History of The United States; The Portrait of a Lady.

Henry James’s novel speaks for itself. The short history/US surveys America from the time of first explorers and settlers through the second world war. It provides a compact sketch of events, focusing on political/social/military/economic/geographic developments. Scholarly, though somewhat dated, it is refreshingly free of political correct jargon.

Mr. Minor – Wolf Hall & Bring Up the Bodies by Hillary Mantel

Cromwell’s rise in power as Henry the Eight from poor beginnings.
wolf hall

Ms. Grogan – Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies

Ambitious novel exploring the strange and remarkable aspects of marriage. The work is separated into different perspectives: part one is centered around the husband, part two, the wife. Ultimately, Groff pulls from masters like Faulkner and Wharton to push the reader to consider truth, while witnessing a masterful narrative structure.
fatesMs. Hennessy – What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

If you like stories in which characters review the choices they have made and how their lives may have turned out differently had they decided otherwise, you will love this story about a woman who loses her memory. After a fall in a gym, she wakes up in a nightmare where she and the husband she loved supposedly despise one another and have three kids she doesn’t remember. She tries to understand how her life turned out the way it has and why she and her husband have come to the decision to divorce.