Who is JD the Mascot?


The introduction of a new mascot at this year’s Pep Rally left students of Oceanside High School and football fans with many questions. Why is the mascot’s name JD? Who is JD the Mascot? When did Oceanside decide on this mascot?

Firstly, the existence of JD the mascot creates some intrigue at Oceanside High School. Many students are curious when it comes to who is actually inside the costume.  Who is the person really dancing with the cheerleaders? Who is the person waving to students and fans alike? Who is the person behind the JD costume? Unfortunately, this question will remain unanswered.   Shrouded in mystery, the identity of the student behind JD the Sailor will remain unknown by the general population of Oceanside High School.

When it comes to the name “JD” itself, everyone probably remembers getting the email and voting for the mascot’s name, but what was the significance of these choices? Why the name “JD”?  Mr. Turk, the Student Activities Director, explains, “When the school was originally founded, there was no mascot.” “No one really cared,” he says jokingly. “Then, in the 1930’s, Joe DeBaun began showing up to games wearing a sailor’s costume. That’s how we became the Oceanside Sailors.”

JD, the initials of Joe DeBaun, signify what it truly means to be enthusiastic for your school. Joe DeBaun’s school spirit impacted not only OHS, but the entire  Oceanside community. Mr. DeBaun proved that students sometimes need to take initiative and do something out of the ordinary in order to make a real positive change.  Getting involved in classes, clubs, or sports is something to be proud of, which is exactly what JD the Sailor represents.   This is truly what it means to be an Oceanside Sailor.