Who to Vote For?


The 2016 Presidential Race has been a contentious one for the Republican Party, with a multitude of candidates, including front runner Donald Trump. However, it has not been as contentious for the Democratic Party. There are only two candidates left: former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is leading the Republicans with 31% in recent polls and Hilary Clinton is leading the Democrats with 44% in the recent polls. However, that doesn’t mean these candidates are ideal. Here are some reasons why one might consider not voting for them.

For the past 45 years, Donald Trump has been the chairman and president of The Trump Organization. First of all, Donald Trump has no political experience. Even though Trump has been an on-and-off member of the Republican Party since 1987, he has never once served public office. Secondly, Donald Trump is very disrespectful to people of certain races, religions and genders and has even gone as far as to mock a disabled New York Times reporter. Donald Trump proposed deporting many of the Latino immigrants and building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He proposed to “temporarily” ban all Muslims from the U.S. and made a horrible, sexist comment to reporter Megyn Kelley in the past. Speaking of the press, Donald Trump doesn’t exactly have the best history with them either. Since 2006, Trump has feuded with former television host, Rosie O’Donell, even going as far to call her a “fat pig”. In 2013, Donald Trump sued Bill Maher for jokingly comparing Trump to an orangutan.

Trump, also, is seemingly intent on constantly bringing religion into politics. Religion and politics should never be brought together. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand that policy. Donald Trump has also gone bankrupt four times. Trump later said that these were strategic business moves, which is difficult to believe. Even if this was true, it would have been for his personal gain. How’s he going to fix America’s economy without anything in it for him? But that’s the thing. We don’t know how he’s going to fix anything because he never explains how he will do it. But the worst thing about Donald Trump isn’t his sexism, his prejudice, or his lack of political experience. It’s his arrogance. Donald Trump always thinks he’s correct and he bullies anyone who challenges him. At a press conference in 2015, Donald Trump threw Hispanic news reporter, Jorge Ramos, out of the room after Ramos questioned Trump on immigration policies. Donald Trump is a bully and lacks political experience. Do you want someone like him as president?

Hillary Clinton is the wife of President Bill Clinton, serving as the First Lady from 1993-2001. After her husband’s scandalous presidency, the Clintons moved to New York and Hillary Clinton became a senator. In 2008, Clinton ran for the Democratic Nomination for President but ultimately lost to Barack Obama. President Obama made Clinton his Secretary of State from 2009-2013. As Secretary of State, Clinton used a personal email to transport top secret information. Hillary Clinton used her family’s personal email server instead of her federally issued Email addresses. This does indeed show a certain level of dishonesty.

Secondly, on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador John Stevens, were killed in the attack. Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time and it was her sworn duty to make sure that those people were safe. This shows a lack of responsibly. Next, when Hillary Clinton was a senator, she had absolutely no significant accomplishments. The highpoint of Clinton’s career in the senate was HillaryCare, a botched healthcare plan that didn’t even make it to the national senate.

When you look at it, it is possible that Hillary Clinton always had a plan to become President. She began as the First Lady of the U.S., moved to New York and became a senator, ran for president and lost, became the Secretary of State, and is now making a comeback as the Democratic frontrunner. Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has political experience, but she has made very questionable choices over the course of her career.

So now, who do you want to vote for?