Winter and Spring Pep Rally

         Pep Rally is the day where everyone is pumped up to walk out with their team to their favorite song. It’s one of the best days of the school year. But what happened to having other seasons for people on winter and spring sports?

      Thanks to the student body government, they came up with this idea rather quickly. This thought has been circling around the school for awhile and when they caught this idea, they were able to make it happen. As I interviewed Turk, he said, “Yes, we will definitely be having winter and spring pep rally this year.” During the fall pep rally, the teams which participate are boys and girls soccer, cross country, football, cheerleading, volleyball, dance team, tennis, and swim. Usually the athletes will meet outside on the track a period or two before and then during ninth period, the classes will go outside and watch them run out. Devang, the treasurer, said, “we all as a student body came up with this idea together, the winter pep rally is on the Monday night when we get back from Thanksgiving break which is the 27th.” Instead of pep rally being held during school, they changed winter pep rally to be at night so it does not interfere with the school day. The winter pep rally will probably be held in the gym.

      Since the students of Oceanside found out about this, there has been a lot of positive feedback and reactions to this new idea. As of right now, student council has not come up with a set date for the spring pep rally. Since this new idea happened so fast, most students are not aware of this winter pep rally. Please spread the word and get as many people to come support the upcoming winter sport teams!